Twitter Trends Localized

Twitter Trend Map
Twitter introduced a new way of communicating, but what’s more interesting, is its data openness. And it all gets even better when Twitter can be used to map local trends distilled from geotagged tweets. Information Aesthetics writes about Trendsmap, which is an interesting Twitter-related initiative absolutely worth mentioning. Trendsmap is a real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the entire world. It provides brilliant insight in what the global, collective mass of humanity are discussing right now.

It’s possible to zoom in to specific places. Trendsmap not only shows local trends, but also to what extent Twitter is used, as more trends pop up in areas with hight Twitter density. For the Netherlands, you can see that Amsterdam is absolutely the city with the most Twitter users, followed by Rotterdam. Eindhoven doesn’t show any local trend… too bad for a self-named technology city. Right now, people in Amsterdam are tweeting about Britney Spears (why?), the local Melkweg concert hall, and, of course, U.S. president Obama who surprisingly won the Nobel Peace Prize today. Give it a try.