Twitter's Private Members Club

The World’s Most Exclusive Website is a private members club for Twitter users to hang out. The idea is simple but brilliant. You can only get in when you belong to the selected group of people with an officially verified Twitter account. Verified accounts are used by the Twitter crew to establish authenticity for accounts who deal with identity confusion regularly on Twitter. It is often used as a verification method for famous people, celebrities and other public personalities who have a Twitter account. Verified Accounts must be public and actively tweeting.

This first online nightclub for the the crème de la crème of the Internet seems to be inspired by the private members club you find in numerous world cities. The World’s Most Exclusive Website was created by in association with BBDO New York’s Creative Director Jeff Greenspan, author and technologist Chris Baker, and Doug Loffredo. “Verified Twitter accounts are reserved for otherwise socially significant”, they explain.

“Granting permission simply confirms if you are a verified user and how many followers you have. Nothing else. Those who manage to gain entry will be listed inside. No tweets will be made on your behalf.”

Too bad my Twitter account is not verified, so I cannot report about my findings inside the club. When you try to come in with an unverified Twitter account, you will be redirected to a “slightly less discriminating destination”… check it out for yourself! (Or get inside, in case you are famous.)