Tiny Street Shops Catering To Sweden’s Furry Friends

You would probably be annoyed if you hear that there’s another specialty nut-shop or cheese boutique opening up in your street. Why do we need another shop, and, how on earth can there be place for all of them? Well..

The AnonyMouse collective has sprung up in the streets of Swedish city Malmö, where it has opened a number of tiny nut- and cheese specialty shops. Not for residents, but for another type of clientele: the local mice population. A series of tiny shops, who all measure 25″ x 12″, colour the streets and are found in all sorts of cracks and corners.

Unrealistically detailed, Malmö’s mice can choose their favourites from a range of specialty shops. Whether it’s Greek almonds or nuts from Brazil, French blue cheese or Swiss cheese; even for the real connoisseurs among the mice, it’s a joy to shop here.

The work by the AnonyMouse collective is something that embodies a trend of public intervention we see more often, as is with London’s pothole guerrilla gardening, the Lego fixes in Berlin and manhole artists in Milan. AnonyMouse has already said that a new scene of public intervention is coming next year, so keep an eye on their work.