Tiny House Flown In By Helicopter

Tiny homes are really efficient, not to mention the adorable factor. That’s why we’ve been following the tiny house trend. The latest discovery is a series of Micro Compact Homes by London-based Horden Cherry Lee Architects.

The most recent addition in the Micro Compact Homes series, m-ch 016, had the privilege of making an exciting entry by helicopter when their Swiss client needed a last-minute guesthouse.

The micro-home took only four minutes to install onto its base in Brissago, Switzerland. The standard 2.6m cube was extended by 1m to accommodate a double bed and larger dining area for the guests. Despite its tiny footprint, the house comes complete with bathroom and kitchen facilities, as well as air conditioning and low energy LED lighting.

These homes have design roots in aviation and automotives with the objective of high quality compact living. The modular, pre-fab design allows for easy customization and quick installation (as the Swiss example clearly demonstrates)!