Throw & Grow: Confetti Meets Seed-Bombing

Dutch gift store Niko Niko offers the long-awaited alternative for throwing rice into people’s faces at weddings: seeds! Throw & Grow confetti is beautiful and grows wildflowers to boot at the same time.

Niko Niko means ‘say cheese’ in Japanese and laughing is definitely something that their gifts will make people do. The newest addition to their line-up of great products is called Throw & Grow and is an alternative to the littering nature of regular confetti or rice. Available in ten colours, the confetti is biodegradable and will sprout beautiful wildflowers after it has been thrown.

Throw & Grow confetti

The confetti is available in a Gift Box for €11,95 and a Party Box for €19,95. The Throw & Grow confetti could be a beautiful green footprint that makes that one special day last forever.