This Laundromat Looks Like A Nightclub

In Barcelona, Spain a new eco-friendly laundromat opened last summer. Nothing new you would say, except for the fact that this laundromat looks like a nightclub. The laundromat is designed by Frederic Perers and is operated by a company called Splash. Located near the university, just outside of the historic city center, the laundromat is assured of a large and diverse clientele.

According to the designer, the orange tone reflects everywhere on the metal and serves as a warm counter element to the cold metal. Since the eco-friendly aspect is important as well, the washing machines and dryers are state of the art in terms of sustainability. Even the wastewater is pre-treated.

Splash laundromat, Barcelona

Splash laundromat, BarcelonaSplash laundromat, Barcelona

Splash laundromat, Barcelona

The unconventional design of such a basic facility can be seen in the broader context of diversification and conceptualization of common goods and services. For example, this laundromat will probably not be used by elderly people, but is instead aimed at a young, hip public. Apparently business is going well because Splash announced that a second branch will be opening soon.