There's A Garden In My Closet

Last month’s Design Week in Milan was filled with such a huge number of nice events, that it was practically impossible to see everything. Among the things I unfortunately missed was this really nice exhibition that was presenting small gardens mixing plants with old furniture. The designers Peter Bottazzi and Denise Bonapace realized the project ‘Da morto a Orto’ using old recycled pieces of chairs, closets, benches, or windows. Everything could be reinvented and turned into something useful like an original pot. As the designers said:

“‘Da morto a Orto’ isn’t just a collection of one-off pieces; it is a critical, ironic reinterpretation of everyday objects that we no longer recognize or that are on their last legs: objects and furniture around the house that are destined to disappear, to be ‘destroyed’, are here resuscitated with a new look. They’re reprocessed, patched up, hybridized and transformed before being grafted with plants, thus becoming ‘indoor kitchen gardens’, domestic classrooms for a ‘(horti)cultural education’ offering lessons on how to cultivate the land and one’s feelings too.

One more time, design meets nature with the aim to create a new attitude in the citizens. ‘Da Morto a Orto’ is a totally sustainable way of growing plants in your own city apartment. Sometimes a bit of imagination is enough for a green change in our everyday reality.