The World’s First Dentist On Wheels

Pop-up has become mature in the past few years. New types of pop-up creativity emerge that or not initiated by artists, designers or architects, but by other organizations that usually are not the first ones to adopt new trends. Studio Dental, for instance, has concrete plans for the first dentist clinic on wheels.

After Boston’s city hall on wheels, the traveling court of justice in Pakistan’s remote areas and the mobile dog grooming saloon in Amsterdam, the first pop-up dentist says much about the urge of businesses and organizations to deliver their services in a more flexible way.

Studio Dental

Following a successful crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, Studio Dental is now in the process of constructing the clinic that can travel to their clients, rather than the other way around, reports Springwise. The dentist studio, that is planned to hit the roads of San Francisco by early 2014, can be easily booked online. A text message sent on the day of your dental check-up confirms that the clinic will come to your work to give you the necessary treatment.

Studio Dental

Most people hate going to the dentist and besides the unpleasant experience it’s often hard to plan a visit when you’re busy at work. Right this is what the mobile dentist studio wants to make easier. It makes going to the dentist a bit more convenient. “Maintaining a healthy smile can be time-consuming, costly, and uncomfortable — but it doesn’t have to be”, says the Studio Dental website. “We’ll bring a dental clinic to your work and enhance every aspect of your dental experience making it more convenient, more affordable, and even fun.”