The World's Fastest Floating Hotel

Wow! Just after I reported about slow floating houses easily finding their way to the IJburg harbour, today I came across this rather amazing speedboat hotel called the SS Silla. According to Wendmag this floating structure is the “world’s fastest sauna”, as the SS Silla won the official World Championship for fast floating saunas. Just for your information. The speed of approximately 29 kilometers/hour during the Match Cup Sweden on July 4 in Marstrand was enough for a new world record, as explained by Explore Sweden.

“The sauna reached 15.5 knots (nautical miles per hour), the equivalent of 28.71 kph/17.84 mph. To give you an idea of of how fast that is, the fastest speed achieved by a boat was 275.9 knots, the fastest human swam 4.6 knots, and the fastest aquatic animal, the sailfish, can reach 59.1 knots. The SS Silla’s 15.5 knots will most certainly allow for relaxing in a jacuzzi in style.”