The Temporary Royal Snooze: A Hotel With No Fixed Address

As we wrote recently, shipping containers are all the rage. They’ve been used to create a pretty diverse collection of buildings, including temporary housing for earthquake victims in Miyagi, an elementary school near Cape Town, a mobile office space prototype, a sports hall in South London, a grocery store in Seattle, and even a pirate radio tower in Melbourne. As architects and designers continue to explore the possibilities of repurposing structures, container urbanism is definitely a useful strategy going forward.

The latest example comes from the folks at Snoozebox. Not just a single development, Snoozebox is basically a transportable temporary hotel that can accommodate between 40 and 400 rooms. The structure itself is made of shipping containers and is designed to be simple to construct and deconstruct, requiring only three days to build. The rooms themselves are things of luxury at the temporary events that host the Snoozebox, featuring flat-screen televisions, attractive en-suite washrooms, wireless Internet, and daily refreshment of quality toiletries.

It’s an attractive option for event organisers, as the list of upcoming events would suggest. Snoozebox’s upcoming events include the Download Festival and the 2012 British Grand Prix. Snoozebox is even going royal next month, as the hotel will be housing 600 performers and artists as part of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee at Windsor Castle.

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