The Story Of Two Beamed Bunnies

Beamed Bunnies
A couple of months ago we showed an amazing commercial of US Cellular featuring an underwater experience in an American town. I’m not familiar with this company, so I don’t know if they offer great service and good prices, but anyway, I think their commercials are great. The way in which the city’s collective space and joined emotions are interpreted is very warm. Here’s another commercial of them, called shadow puppets. Again it triggers some positive emotions like love, fascination and collective understanding. It’s a great story of two beamed bunnies who are in love and walking through a big city to find each other. Public space is again used as a platform of togetherness and community spirit, considered being the central place for communication. The budget of the commercial must have been amazing, considering the helicopters flying around, and I wonder if the shots of the applauding people are real or just set up. But anyway, just watch it and enjoy.