The Rise Of Mobile Microlistings

In the past we’ve written about some examples of mobile services that aim to enhance opportunities for location-based communication. For instance BlockChalk, an application that enables us to correspond with strangers that are close-by. Another appealing initiative is Anttenna, a new, free mobile application that facilitates real-time, location-based, person-to-person exchanges. By turning traditional classified listings into geo-tagged Twitter-sized microlistings, Anttenna lets you quickly connect with people nearby.

The idea is pretty simple. Anttenna allows its users to post to supply or demand chains. Listings can be sorted by filters like keyword, category, location, and proximity. Mapping in Anttenna makes it easy to connect with people that are physically close to you. Communication between users goes through Twitter, and the developers have a fancy word for that: ‘Anttweeting’. In this article on Springwise, CEO and co-founder Marcus Wandell explains:

“With the exception of posting ads online and making them searchable, classified ads really haven’t evolved all that much since they were introduced 300 years ago. Anttenna fully leverages the smartphone platforms and new communications standards to give people a whole new way to use classified advertising. Anttenna delivers a constant stream of hyperlocal, real-time listings, always relevant given the moment and location in which they are seen.”

The service is currently available in most metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada, but it is expected to arrive at the other side of the Atlantic in the near future. The video below explains more about the initiative.