The Remarkable Electric Vehicles Of Spijkstaal

What would our vehicle landscape look like without the ongoing inventions of the Dutch company Spijkstaal? Here we would like to shed a light on the collection of remarkable Spijkstaal vehicles produced since 1938. Spijkstaal has a tradition in producing electric vehicles for special use, which makes them a real visual attribution to the collection of cars in public domain, as all these vehicles are special designs. Spijkstaal products are currently used mainly at flower auctions, airports, car factories, manufacturing companies, hospitals, care institutions and municipalities. In addition the company from Rotterdam suburb Spijkenisse is involved in developing diverse Personal Trans Rapid (PTR) systems in cities such as Abu Dhabi and Masdar City.

In the past the company predominately produced vehicles for milkmen and mobile shops. Since the rise of the supermarket these shops have mostly disappeared. At this moment a lot of Spijkstaal vehicles can be bought at different auction websites for very good prices. Here we’d like to present a collection of rather remarkable vehicles made by Spijkstaal throughout history, with special thanks to collectors of  Spijkstaal on Flickr.