The Mobile Apple Juice Machine

If you’re the owner of a fine apple tree, giving you too many apples to eat, you may be interested in hiring a mobile apple juice machine. Well, that's possible. The mobile apple juice machine travels around at the Dutch countryside, available on request for fruit farmers, hobby farmers and individuals with apple trees.

Thanks to my father’s two apple trees I proudly drink their home grown apple juice and I have to admit, it tastes very good! Out of the of 85 kilos of apples my father’s trees over-produced this summer, the apple juice machine separated 55 liters of fine fresh pasteurised juice. Dependent of type and race, 70 percent of juice can be extracted from your apples for 1 euro a liter. According to the Mobipers website, the machine is also available for making walnut oil.

Yeah, the perspective of the pop-up city… This machine of course is mobile, travelling from the Dutch fruit production area (Betuwe) all across the Netherlands. But moreover it points to a slightly upcoming development in our perspective on food. It draws a shift from a distribution based economy, transporting food around the world, to a more local food production economy, transporting the production means around (which might be way more sustainable and economical). People more and more like to produce their own stuff and the apple juice machine facilitates this broad-felt trend. I’ll look around for more mobile food production methods.