The Future Of Postal Administration, Part 2

On Thursday I wrote an article on innovation in the world of postal administration, explaining the fresh idea behind the initiative of Zumbox, which delivers paperless mail online, from street address to street address. But how about packages? It can be hell to wait for a package to arrive. Most of the times you end up in the post office three days later to pick it up, because you missed the mailman. Boston-based company Pickup Zone brings an end to this by simply creating a wide network of local neighbourhood pickup points that let consumers get their packages when it’s convenient for them.

Registering at the Pickup Zone website is free. Using Google maps, users can select a pickup point they like to have their package delivered and also get a unique identifier. Once the package arrives, consumers receive an email. That’s it! Bye bye frustrations. Pickup Zone managed to provide a convenient way which meets the needs of the flexible people.