The Flying Car: Stop Building Roads!

Half a year ago I read an article about the Dutch police wanting to use flying cars for their work. Finally now it’s here: the personal flying car. Which will, when used on larger scale, change our whole perception on distance and time and, as a consequence, the urban form. Surely it will solve congestion problems that all modern metropolitan areas face, If only because three dimensions can be used to create infrastructural capacity. Let’s stop investing in more roads. Just buy everyone a flying car! PSFK writes:

“Earlier this month the Terrafugia Transition had its first short flight at the Plattsburgh Airport in upstate New York. The Transition holds two passengers, runs on regular unleaded gasoline, and can transform from car to plane in about 30 seconds. A team of engineers has been working on making this flying car a reality or over 4 years. But it will be a few more years till you can get one – 2011 is when they are expected to be available for sale. The Transition won’t be cheap, it’s expected to cost about $194,000, but the good news is (according to the Terrafugia website), you can become a licensed flying car pilot in as little as 20 hours.”