The First Beer For Urban Cyclists

A local brewery in Amsterdam, a city where you can find a lot of beers and bikes, has created the first beer specifically targeted at urban cyclists.

Vals Nat beer is a young brewhouse from the hip northside of Amsterdam. The brewers are passionate bikers themselves, and were looking to create the perfect beer for people on a bike. You weren’t aware of the sometimes problematic relationship between drinking and riding your bike? News flash: you should just be as careful with drinking and driving on your bike, as in your car. However, this doesn’t mean the Vals Nat beer is alcohol-free, it means they are extra special and tasty without the increased alcohol levels of usual craft beers. Refreshing and drinkable, not too heavy on the stomach, so perfect for a break during a cycling tour.

The name Vals Nat (“False Wet” in Dutch) is a wordplay on cycling term ‘vals plat’ (‘fake flat’), which refers to the optical illusion of slight sloping roads. ‘Nat’ is another word for beer in Dutch. And the wordplay doesn’t end there, as their new IPA beer is called EPO, the infamous doping often used in professional cycling. For this EPO beer, and another beer released this summer, Val Nat designed a special type of carrier packaging. The 4-pack has a convenient handgrip, but even more clever is the way the packaging can ‘hang’ over a bicycle rod. So from now on you can drop by the local beer shop on your bike, and head straight for the park, picknick or barbecue.