The End Of The Line

End stops of public transport lines are strange places. Every urbanite knows their names, but scarcely anyone has ever been there. Fascinated by this phenomenon, German film maker and video journalist Janosch Delcker makes short documentaries in which he explores the end stations of subway lines in big cities.

Delcker’s short, atmospheric documentaries draw upon French anthropologist Marc Augé’s concept of the ‘non-place’ — “a space which can not be defined as relational, or historical, or concerned with identity”. In 2011 he made ‘The End of the Line’, a short film about the last stops of U-Bahn lines in Berlin. This year he came up with a 4-minute follow-up in New York that portrays the forgotten side of the Big Apple, far away from the bright video screens and tourist masses on Times Square, and no more than “non-places that remain hidden to the flows of tourists who visit the city”. Watch ‘The End of the Line, Part 2’ below: