The Craft Of Making Urban Neon Signs

Luxury Mindz created this mini-documentary about neon artist Todd Sanders who makes truly beautiful neon signs.

This isn’t the first time that we share our enthusiasm about light signs and neon signs as an urban phenomenon. Many people consider them unwanted elements of commercial advertising and as visual pollution of the urban landscape, but I believe that they add a layer of fun to the city. However, also light signs can be more or less beautiful, and can or can’t fit in an urban setting.

Todd Sanders is a vintage neon sign artist based out of Austin. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, he is completely self-taught and a true master of his craft. His hand-crafted art is produced without the use of computers, preserving this unique American tradition even further. His clients are not only big American brands or local shops, but also celebrities like Kings of Leon, Shepard Fairey, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson, and ZZ Top.

Todd SandersTodd Sanders

Todd Sanders

Good hand-made light signs that add visual quality to the city are rare these days. International companies have overloaded cities worldwide with standard signage that’s always the same and never in any relation to the actual urban space, which is one of the reasons why many people hate light signage. Sanders, however, shows that light sign design builds on a great tradition which includes both design and craft skills. For that reason it’s a pity that the light sign debate is always about either allowing them or not allowing them. They have never been topic of any urban or architectural design exercises, while they are actually the single most eye-catching element of a building or a street.