The Blogger Interview Series 2011

This Summer we present a series of short interviews here on Pop-Up City, which emerged from our profound fascination with other blogs, the people behind them, and all (often unpaid) efforts that go into it. We invited a number of our favorite bloggers to answer six questions not only about their passion for blogging, but also their city, work experience and inspiration. Who are these frequent contributors to our RSS feed? And what does their life look like in the different cities they live in? The result is a collection of stories about great blogs and bloggers, their passions, their work spaces and, last but not least, the shoes they wear. Welcome to the Blogger Interview Series 2011. Every two or three days a new story will be published. We hope that the upcoming articles will inspire, open up new online sources of inspiration and refresh your RSS reader.

  1. Alain Bieber (REBEL:ART)
  2. Ryan Mitchell (The Tiny Life)
  3. Régine Debatty (We Make Money Not Art)
  4. Filip Visnjic (Creative Applications)
  5. Fabian Neuhaus (UrbanTick)
  6. Wouter Boon (AmsterdamAdBlog)
  7. Rudolf Klöckner (Urban Shit)
  8. Greg J. Smith (Serial Consign)
  9. Yen Ha (Lunch Studio)
  10. Maria Popova (Brain Pickings)