Tent City: A Modular Tent System From Japan

The Japanese design firm Logos has invented a pretty cool extendable tent, which is great for families that expect expansion on the short term. Logos’s creation enables you to start with a small tent for backpacking purposes and grow your empire on the campsite over time into a complete tent city. The modular tent system is light-weight and easy to set up. Even camping gets more flexible! New pieces for the Tent City can be ordered from a catalogue, as if they are shelfs of the popular Lundia modular cupboard system.

In building, many experiments with these kinds of systems have been done — think of Archigram’s famous Plug-In City, which predicted a complete modular urban system… Or the rather brilliant modular kiosk system K67 designed by the Slovenian architect Saša J. Mächtig. Architects, however, have never created a useful and working modular building system being used by the masses, which is strange as everybody always expects growth in his personal situation. A modular building system would perfectly fit with that expectation. Now family expansion means moving house for most of us. Some move their complete house looking for a bigger spot, while others have to spend money on real estate agents like Chapel Hill real estate to get themselves a Victorian castle. In addition, MoMA organized an interesting exhibition two years ago, that explored the opportunities and design history of movable, modular and prefab housing.

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