Tee Off During Tea Break With Walmart Brazil

What better way to fight off labels like “faceless corporate monster” than planting a mini-golf course on your head office roof!

That’s right, I’m talking about Walmart getting together with the boisterous designers at Guto Requena Studios, who also brought us a 3-D printed voice chair. They incorporated this quirky feature at Walmart’s Brazillian head office in São Paulo, to apparently alleviate board-meeting boredom and promote work-place harmony.

Walmart Brazil

A mini-golf course provides a friendly alternative to visions of Patrick Bateman types, driving golf balls off of skyscraper terraces. Is Walmart pushing a down-to-earth, ‘fun’ image, which has been adopted by other ‘fun’ industry giants? (See YouTube HQ’s slide.)

Whether this is a branding technique or simply a perk of new-age executive life, Walmart associates are lucky to enjoy the fruit of Guto Requena Studio’s brilliant imagination.