Take A Walk In Sneakers Made Of Chewing Gum

Sneakers made of chewing gum? Sounds pretty ironic, but Gumshoe Amsterdam created this solution with the sole purpose to solve the city’s gum litter problem.

Each year, 1.5 million kilograms of chewing gum end up on the streets of the Netherlands. With the biodegradability of gum being 20 to 25 years and the government spending millions to remove it from pavements, ad agency, Publicis One, decided that action was needed. Publicis One wants to make people aware of the impact of chewing gum, while also making chewing gum more than a one time use product. The agency partnered with gum recycle specialist, Gum-Tec, that found a way to use old gum as a rubber. They teamed up with Amsterdam sneaker brand, Explicit Wear, to finally create the shoe which includes a map of Amsterdam imprinted on the rubber gum sole of the shoe.


With this campaign, the city of Amsterdam hopes to be one step closer to gum-free streets and create awareness among littering gum users. The gum shoes are available at Hudson’s Bay Amsterdam and gumshoe.amsterdam for €199. Now people can make their mark on the streets, just without the litter.