Taco Restaurant On Wheels And Twitter

The taco truck in Los Angeles is getting a whole new spin thanks to both Twitter and the infusion of some Korean spice. Kogi Korean BBQ takes the taste of Korean barbecue and melds it with the Mexican specialities of burritos and tacos. Kogi sells its food primarily through two trucks moving from place to place in the Los Angeles area. The people of Kogi set up a Twitter channel in order to inform customers about where to find them. They are being followed by more than 7,000 people.

According to Springwise, “prices are recession-friendly, (…) which may account at least in part for the fact that it’s not unusual to find hundreds of patrons lined up and socializing each evening while awaiting their turn at the Kogi truck, according to reports. Take two taco trucks with a unique recipe, add a dose of Twitter, and you get a phenomenon the LA Times refers to as nothing short of “a burgeoning cyber-hippie movement affectionately referred to as ‘Kogi kulture’.”