Supermarket Skate Lane

After having introduced The Fun Theory (with the brilliant piano stairs), Volkswagen now comes up with another interesting action which speeds up life a little: the fast lane in the supermarket. The idea is simple: some shopping carts are pimped with a skateboard, providing some extra shopping fun for those who can’t stand people who take shopping as an all-day event. Click here to watch the video!

Besides the fact that this is a rather interesting marketing strategy by Volkswagen (campaign for the Polo GTI), it’s also interesting to see an upcoming stream of projects which intend to separate different spaces in our modern society. Earlier we blogged about the Tourist Lane, a prank by NYC’s Improv Everywhere group, and about Fast Lane/The Slide, which was also a project by Volkswagen.

Some want it slow, but they tend to forget that others want it quick. In fact the escalator was once designed to speed up things a little at urban nodes. In hasty London this seems to work out, thanks to the signs telling people to “stand on the right”. In most other cities they only cause major congestion thanks to ‘the power of the slowest’.