Stickers, Kids And A White Room

For the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, artist Yayoi Kusama created a truly fantastic do-it-yourself art installation for children. The installation, entitled The Obliteration Room, is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition that runs from december 2011 till March 2012. “What happens if you give a thousands of stickers to a thousands of kids?” questions art magazine This Is Colossal.

“A large domestic environment, painting every wall, chair, table, piano, and household decoration a brilliant white, effectively serving as a giant white canvas. Over the course of two weeks, the museum’s smallest visitors were given thousands upon thousands of colored dot stickers and were invited to collaborate in the transformation of the space, turning the house into a vibrantly mottled explosion of color.”

All colored dots together create an amazing room that is hard to recognize for someone who has only seen the exhibition room in its initial state. With two more months to go it can only get crazier…

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