Spinnin’ Yarns In Amsterdam

If you happen to be in Amsterdam in the coming weeks, be sure to check out the Spinnin’ Yarns exhibition on the 11th floor of the newly built Mint Hotel.

Initiated by creative agency Dolly Rogers, Spinnin’ Yarns provides some unique and refreshing perspectives on Amsterdam. Through interviews, photographs and illustrations, the project reveals the heart and soul of Amsterdam and connects it with the people who live, laugh, create, fall in love, explore and share the city. All results are presented in the exhibition, which opened doors last Thursday and will be running until August 25.

“Each week a selected guest shared their story with us in a personal interview and accompanying portrait. These stories have culminated into a limited edition series of silk screened T-shirt prints by Anne Britt, graduating student from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). The T-shirt is an icon that has become ensconced in pop culture as a medium for wearable art and a soapbox for self-proclamation. Long before social media, it stood as an off-line profile page to express your likes and dislikes, your criticisms and comments to the world.”

Spinnin’ Yarns presents stories by a wide range of people — from a 89-years old WWII survivor to a young aspiring model, from a tattoo artist to a famous national wrestling champion. The exhibition is on in the recently opened SkyLounge on Amsterdam’s Mint Hotel, which is a fantastic place to visit anyway because of its impressive panoramic views overlooking the cityscape.