Space Inn’: Sleeping In A Temporary Design Project

Space Inn’ is a temporary design project by Golfstromen which has recently opened its doors in downtown Amsterdam.

Space Inn’ offers two amazing rooms situated within a raw urban context of an abandoned building. Spend the time lying in a giant hammock overflowed by a green lightscape and feel like Lucy in the sky with diamonds… Or witness the urban interpretation of sleeping in a sultry haystack.

Space Inn’ is a design project imitating an extraordinary experimental hotel setting. This means Space Inn’ is not an official hotel, but rather a ‘notel’. The design principles for both rooms focus on using ecological materials. Room 1 is loaded with a small haystack with a two person bed on top. Along with the red lights this sets a sultry atmosphere. Room 2 is the bigger of the two and shows a lightscape of green sparkling stars. Almost the entire space is filled with a giant special made jute hammock. Both inspiring rooms are suited for two persons and are made to be cosy and comfortable, feeling like a second skin.

Space Inn’ is an initiative of Studio Golfstromen, an Amsterdam-based concept studio specialised in urban design, strategy and landscaping. The project aims to explore (con)temporary solutions for urban leftovers as a part of a series of strategies for flexible urbanism. In the future we hope to expand this initiative to a city-wide dynamic hotel grasshopping around temporary empty buildings in different transformation areas in Amsterdam. Space Inn’ aims to encourage its guests to explore the beautiful surrounding antique Dutch neighbourhood. You will find lunchrooms, bakeries, coffeeshops, parks and bars around. Free wireless internet is available at Space Inn’.