Solar-Powered Trikes Delivering Food In Amsterdam

FOODLOGICA is a system where food is transported throughout the city of Amsterdam using electric bikes.

The Dutch capital is a city that runs on bikes — well for the most part that statement is true. According to the Research and Statistics Department of the City of Amsterdam there were 881,000 bicycles in use in the city in 2012. That means there were more than enough bicycles for its 800,000 inhabitants, but there were also 330,000 motor vehicles registered in the same year. So while it’s true that bikes beat motorized vehicles in the competition of quantity and number of personal users, when it comes to logistics, there was hardly any competition going on, since cars and trucks were the obvious choice for that task. Up until now, that is.


Last June the CITIES Foundation launched FOODLOGICA, a logistical service that runs on electric trikes and links local food producers, consumers and businesses in Amsterdam’s city center through transport that reduces emissions, congestion and pollution. They say their business is a response to an urban food paradox where quality local food is produced in a sustainable way, yet transported by gas-guzzling, polluting vehicles contributing to congested streets.


To support the virtuous cycle of food in the urban ecosystem they integrated a convenient and zero-emission transport to local businesses. And they went all in with it, their electric bicycles are charged using solar power, they can transport up to 300 kg (with the driver included) and manage the distance of 100 km. The first transport station that also serves as a charging station for the two bikes that are currently in use was placed at the Amsterdam Food Center.

At the time being they have five clients and expect to expand their business in the near future, since the need for a sustainable food system has already emerged in the City Council and there’s a great need to relieve the city of loud and unclean food delivery trucks occupying Amsterdam’s narrow streets.