Sofia’s Monument Of Modern Icons

Thanks to Urban Shit we stumbled upon this great artwork in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. An anonymous artist has paint-brushed the Russian Red Army soldiers into a more contemporary scene.

The artist must have thought that a statue of popular superheroes and cartoon characters is perhaps more interesting for people living in this time. We indeed have to adapt to changes. Dailymail describes the scene:

“Taking centre stage is Superman with his distinctive red cape and blue suit. To the left is Santa Claus and to the right Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the fast-food giant McDonalds, and the Joker also makes an appearance. Below the graffiti artist has sprayed ‘Moving with the times’ in Bulgarian black paint. The ‘artistic vandalism’ appeared (Friday) morning – but it is still not clear who is behind the colorful display.”

It’s hard to speculate about the real meaning of the intervention. Is it done in ex-post opposition against the Red Army, or is it statement about the modern capitalistic society? Nevertheless, the fun the artist(s) had when when getting the idea, must have been very fullfilling. Great work! I like the idea that some bureaucrats at the city council of Sofia now have to deal with this. Although they must realize that the new appearance is much more attractive, they might clean it up, I suppose.