So Long 2011, We’re Not Going To Miss You

Some days ago, the Spanish collective Luzinterruptus decided to say goodbye to 2011 with an original installation. With the artwork entitled ‘Lo que hemos perdidos en 2011’ (‘What we’ve lost in 2011’) they asked their friends to write down the most important thing they lost in the last year on a piece of paper. All messages were attached to a hot air balloon with a small bell that was lifted up in the sky.

These kinds of paper lanterns are typical for some Asian cultures, especially the Thai and Chinese ones. Each balloon is the symbol of problems and worries that are floated away. A suburban park in Madrid was chosen as the context for the performance. The stunning view on the Spanish capital turned the whole performance into a very suggestive show. Luzinterruptus sent 46 balloons up in the air with key words such as as ‘fear’, ‘job’, ‘dignity’ or ‘democracy’.

That was, as they explained, a private tribute to everyone they love who had a bad 2011 and a wish for a better year to come. So long 2011 and happy 2012 everybody!