Sidewalk Laundromat Lets You Walk While You Wash

Today we received a tip from trend blog Selectionneur about a rather new urban phenomenon (in the Netherlands, that is): the outdoor sidewalk laundromat.

This laundromat kiosk, type Revolution, was spotted in the southern Dutch town of Valkenswaard, close the Belgian border. In Belgium and France self-service outdoor laundry facilities can already be found in many places, such as shopping malls, campsites, and holiday parks, but in the Netherlands they’re a new thing. The washing machines in this laundromat are available 24/7. They have their own soap on board, so there’s no need to bring your washing powder.

Outdoor laundromat

In the past years, laundromats have become the frontier of urban coolness. We have reported numerous examples of next-level laundry facilities in cities across the globe. How about this laundromat in Barcelona that looks like a nightclub, laundromat bars in Belgian cities, or this laundromat-meets-coffee-bar?