Shoe Box Apartment Turned Into Luxury Loft

Tiny apartments are everywhere and most city dwellers around the globe actually live in one. When you live in such a tiny apartment or urban shoe box, the only thing you have got to do is grab your phone and call the Spanish architects of ARQUITECTURA-G. They did a great job in transforming this 366 square feet (34 square meters) apartment in Barcelona into a very pretty loft. Complete with a bedroom, an office, a dining room and kitchen, a living room, and plenty of storage space.

According to Co.Design, the design concept is all about efficiency: “The trick was to slice the place into manageable parts to create some sense of privacy, without evoking the cramped recesses of a prison cell”. Diverse multifunctional pieces were put together as if they are pieces of a puzzle. The stairs, for instance, were not made out of one piece, but put together by a combination of storage elements and a hanging light-weight construction.

The room may only be 366 square feet, the ceiling is surprisingly high. Therefore the designers have chosen to create different levels with their own functionality. The top level functions as a rather scary bedroom that is only suitable for those who do not sleep walk, while the in between level is meant to be a study space that connects the two other floors. The designers have been very consequent in colors and materials they used. The storage and the platforms are made of blank wood, while everything else is plain white. Fresh!