Seung-Yong Song’s Multi-Functional Furniture

We’ve got plenty of stuff in our houses with all kinds of different functions. Why not combine those objects better and have less of them? That is what the Korean industrial designer Seung-Yong Song must have thought when he created a series of multifunctional and pretty furniture. Song used the most simple daily objects such as chairs, lamps, cupboards and laundry racks to created complete new furniture typologies with unique combined uses.

Interesting about the collection of these objects is that they form a real series of objects that have the same style and look great together. In addition, the objects instantly rethink our behavior at home. Sitting gets another meaning when you’re inside a big lamp, and drying laundry is different when a laundry rack is attached to your chair.

One of the most appealing objects in Song’s series is the Object-O Chair. If desired the shade can be pulled down in order to create a cosy cocoon that isolates you from the outside world. The lamp is an integral part of the chair — a pretty smart idea as most people already place a lamp next to a chair. The same goes for the laundry rack chair. Lots of cramped people already use their chairs to let their laundry dry. In this design, the laundry is used as a shade to protect the user against sunlight. Interesting thought. Be sure to check out Seung-Yong Song’s website to see the complete collection!

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