Self-Service Bicycle Repair Station

Cycling becomes increasingly popular in big metropolitan centers around the globe. That is perhaps the reason why new services for bicyle riders start to become interesting business concepts. Bike Fixtation is a DIY bicycle repair station recently launched to serve stranded bicycle riders in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. The smart initiative offers self-service kiosks on an extended-hours basis for bicyclists.

The place offers all equipment needed to get unlucky bicycle riders back on the track. You can buy a tube or patch kit, pump your tires for free, and make simple adjustments using supplied tools. Bike Fixtation is open for 365 days a year from six in the morning to midnight. The first shop has opened doors inside the uptown transit station in Minneapolis, a second shop is to be opened soon, reports Toxel.

The guys from Bike Fixtation share their knowledge to others who want to start a small self-service bicycle repair kiosk in their own town, with all different items such as a customized vending machine selling inner tubes, patch kits, lights, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, or the bicycle repair stand and the self-contained inflator. Setting up your own Bike Fixtation would help the local cycling community as it provides useful service. In addition, I see an interesting combination with the issue of vacant urban spaces.

The Netherlands are full of bicycle repair shops. After bars and a bakeries they are probably third on the list of most necessary services in each village or neighborhood. Most of them, though, are closed after five in the afternoon, which means getting there in time is complicated when having a full time job. As a lot of people use their bicycle to go to work, many urban bicycle riders spend their evening hours to repair their own bike somewhere on the sidewalk under a lamp post. Bike Fixtation would be a great solution here.

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