Seduced By The Wind

Speaking about the Erotic City, we can’t let this amazing example of playful city art pass by. A fuzzy piece of tarpaulin blowing in the wind has inspired Bryan Snyder to reconstruct our minds. Most funny is the idea that the artist at some point must have seen the analogy between a blowing summer dress and this obsolete piece of dark green tarpaulin. The work gives another significance to a specific urban phenomenon and works with the power of suggestion. Or as Bryan Snyder explains it more poetical:

“The sound of music whips in the mid day wind as sensual curves hypnotize the steady flow of village on lookers. Long legs dance to the rhythmic beats of nature, before falling still to the sound of silence. The forest green dress falls long over he smooth skin and a seductive wink tumbles towards the crowd.”

Wooster Collective and Animal reported about this public art project entitled The Carlsbad Temptress. Snyder: “The work interacts with its environment during mid day wind gusts. This project’s goal is to showcase the relationship between a piece of art and its location when place in the streets.”