Run Your Office On A Sail Boat

SpaceMarket has given the business world an infusion of freshness. Following Airbnb’s footsteps, the Japanese startup is offering unused venues for corporate meetings, team building events or pitch sessions.

So if you’ve pictured a corporate meeting in an office on the 31st floor of a building in the past, SpaceMarket now encourages you to think out of the box (or at least out of the office). They are currently offering 775 spaces that can be rented for any kind of a corporate event. Need a venue for a company retreat? Rent Tokyo Bay’s uninhabited island Sarushimaisland. Do you wish to organize a team building event? Use a baseball court! If you want to wrap up the year and celebrate the Holiday season with your co-workers, enjoy it in a cafe with a backyard garden.



The company won the first prize at the Rising Expo 2014 and fundraised €750,000 which they will be spending on building apps, acquiring more venues and strengthening engineering on these platforms.

Their plan for the future? To offer a wholesome experience with in-company training providers, event planners, ad agencies and service providers, anywhere you wish in the world.