Rotating Bench Offers Dry Buttocks After Rain

‘After rain comes sunshine’, but public benches stay wet for quit some time after the rain has gone. And no one likes wet buttocks. South Korean-based designer Sung Woo Park came up with a solution that always offers a dry seat.

Some inventions are so simple and effective that you can’t imagine that they haven’t been invented before. That definitely counts for The Rolling Bench, a rotating urban bench that provides a dry seat all day long. After it has rained one just spins the handle on the side of the bench and a fresh dry sitting area appears. Specially in rainy countries this invention stretches the hours that an urban bench can actually be used.

The rolling bench

We have often preached adaptability in urban setting on this blog. This urban furniture innovation is a good and fun example of creating area’s that adapt to the specific circumstances that they have to deal with.