Roktic Pops Up Again At London's Brick Lane

In a modern metropolitan experience-focused society everything is about the ‘momentum’ — clubs, shops and bars, among others, are hot the first two years before they slip back into oblivion. We’re all experience hoppers, zapping between shots of inspiration. Cool shops currently do not have to focus on the slow process of building a circle of clients, but on quickly getting many people interested. After a couple of months the whole city knows, and the ‘homo metropolis’ gets bored. This is one of the reasons why pop-up stores are such a hot shot, as they live in temporality. Pop-up stores let us know about a boiling atmosphere of hot stuff in underground scenes briefly manifesting itself in the ‘real’ world.

The Roktic fashion store is a great example here. Following the success of their pop-up shop in September 2009, online apparel retailer Roktic returns to Brick Lane’s East Gallery with a new lifestyle/concept store representing international independent street wear labels and underground contemporary urban artists. The event will focus around the release of ‘too hip to be square’, a limited edition print and exclusive t-shirt collaboration between Oh Death, Little Art book and Roktic, to celebrate Roktic’s first Year Anniversary. The shop will be a living canvas with unique artworks being applied straight to the galleries walls, as well as prints and original artworks by The Prodigy, Ded, RYCA, Rugman, The Krah, Static, Dscreet, Stik, Adam Hemuss available to purchase. Plus a stunning collection of vinyl toys will be on show and for sale from The UK Vinyl Toy Expo.

The Roktic pop-up store is opened between January 8 and January 28 and can be found at the East Gallery, 214 Brick Lane, London.