Roamler: Earn As You Explore

This new, Amsterdam-based organisation from Martijn Nijhuis and Wiggert de Haan enables users of the Roamler iPhone app to earn money by completing assignments given to them based on their location. Companies can outsource tasks that usually relate to marketing and promotion, and can range from checking a product’s placement within a store to the individual publicising the product in different ways. After verification, you’re quid’s in. Currently only available in the Netherlands, they’re looking to increase their company database to incorporate international trade.

Making money from your iPhone isn’t new, OnePoll in the UK promised users an influx of paid surveys to complete for market research, and when they reach a certain amount of money in their account they could withdraw it. The problem? The surveys offered pennies, and were few and far between due to the massive amounts of people also trying it out, so no-one withdrew the promised riches. My hope is that Roamler expands to avoid these problems, and to provide a viable source of pocket-money. Also, fans of The Apprentice UK, does this not seem like a more developed version of runner up Helen Milligan‘s business idea?

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