Rent-A-Goat To Mow Your Lawn

Urban farming has been all the rage, but what happens when you throw some multi-functionalism into the mix?  How about goat rentals for mowing your lawn? San Francisco’s City Grazing has been keeping a herd of 50 goats to manage the growth in their pasture. With such a large herd, City Grazing has made a business of renting out their herd to ‘landscape’ other properties. They’re also fun to watch for the passerby, especially children.

Goats make great lawnmowers, with no need for electricity, chemicals, or dangerous blades. They can get at those little nooks and crannies that mechanical devices find so difficult. They can potentially eliminate pesky species, such as poison oak and various weeds, all without pesticides. And, best of all, it’s a closed loop system as the goats’ end-product is a convenient fertilizer.

This sounds like a great secondary function for city goats, although the kid-next-door may not be so happy about losing a summertime employment staple.