Reinhard Krug’s Floating Cities

Last week I received an email from Hamburg-based designer and art director Reinhard Krug, who wanted to show us his latest work — an amazing series of limited edition prints of floating cities. “I’m a big fan of large cities and it always fascinates me how they’re little worlds in their own sense”, he explains. This is exactly what Krug’s ‘Islands’ are about. The series shows different floating cities that look like they’re carved out of the Earth.

Currently, Krug’s series comprises nine different cities, including Cape Town, Sydney, Hamburg, New York and London. Especially the English capital is one of my personal favorites, with the Thames river turned into a big water fall:

Krug says to be thinking about further extension of the project. Amazed? Like the project on Facebook. Totally amazed? Head over to Krug’s Etsy shop, where you can buy yourself a limited edition print for €29.