QRawr: A Comment Wall For Real-Life Objects

Apparently it is very intriguing to superimpose digital concepts on physical reality. But how can comment walls like on Facebook be applied to real-life objects? The people behind QRawr came up with a partial solution. QRawr enables users to transform any object into a digital discussion wall. By pasting a QRawr sticker with a unique QR code on an object, others are invited to leave comments and join a discussion about the specific object. This way real life objects can be turned into online discussions, which could be great for discussing design objects, restaurant menus, architecture, or public services.

As with all QR code initiatives the weak point is the usage. How many people will really scan a QR code on a wall and type relevant comments with their cold fingers on a smart phone while they’re standing in front of a solid piece of modern architecture? Very few, I guess. But on the other hand QRawr opens up all kinds of new forms of use of QR in general. It somehow takes QR codes to another level, as it not only re-directs users to some website that they don’t want to visit, as most QR codes do, but instead offers a platform for digital interaction. Pretty interesting!

To use QRawr one needs the neatly designed QRawr iPhone app. Unfortunately Android users have to wait for a while to use this application. The makers of QRawr went through a crowd-funding round at Kickstarter to make an Android version and new features such as geo-location, but haven’t made it in time. Anyone who wants to start pasting stickers immediately can ask for some free stickers via Twitter.