Puma Invites ‘Friends’ To A Social Club

The Czech architects of Edit! have recently designed a social club for Puma in Prague. The social club is located inside a shoe store and is intended to function as a hang-out and meeting point for young fans of the brand. The multi-functional space works as a combination between a concept store and a bar (that serves direct-trade coffee and cupcakes) and is an attempt of Puma to bring together young Puma fans.

Besides all the digital options that youngsters already have to show their close connection to a brand, Puma now creates an urban meeting spot for them — an offline Facebook page. The idea is rather remarkable. I can’t image spending a free Saturday afternoon talking about a shoe brand with people I don’t know, but apparently it works.

Will the future shop be a bar? Brands look for closer relationships with their clients. Here everything is done to make guests feel comfortable that are not treated as customers any more, but as friends of the brand that can spend some time in the living room of their favorite shoe brand. The Puma social club has a flexible interior that enables an easy transformation to a club setting.