Post-Fossil City Contest Finalists Announced

In January, Pop-Up City and Utrecht University’s Urban Futures Studio called on designers, artists, architects, and all other creatives to submit innovative design proposals to imagine a city that is no longer reliant on fossil fuels.

The jury has selected the 10 best proposals out of 250 from over 40 countries. The ideas vary from cows as walking milk machines to a dystopian story about the last inhabitants of a city destroyed by climate change. The finalists were announced on March 16th and had the chance to present their idea to the public. All of these 10 projects will be developed further with the help of the Urban Future Studio’s curatorial team.

Cow on Tour
Designers Anastasia Eggers and Ottonie von Roeder invented a concept which makes it possible to tap your own milk from a cow around the corner.

Sensorial Time Travel
Gasoline. Remember what that smelled like? Artist Jamillah Sungkar makes it imaginable what it is like to live in a city without ‘fossil smells’.

People of Petrotopia
A true dystopia. The damage has already been done in this post-fossil city: Utrecht’s streets are filled up with water.

90 Letters from 2050
Onur Can Tepe and Esther Estevez create an interactive machine that spits out personal letters from 2050. Whoever reads them will dare to dream big for the future.

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The finalized works will be put on display during the Post-Fossil City Exhibition, which will take place in Utrecht mid-June. The creativity and motivation put into these projects will enable us to catch a glimpse of what our lives might be like in the post-fossil city of the future.