Play Trash Bin Basketball

Not only children but also adults increasingly want to use the city as their playground. That’s why playful concepts of urban regeneration get more and more attention.

Also governments and brands see this trend and try to come up with playful solutions in urban space. But it all starts with small groups of people that want to change the city a little bit to have more fun. Collectif DC is such a group. As part of their project Spielplatz they try to encourage passers by to behave differently by painting recognizable orange lines on the sidewalks.

Spielplatz Democracy is a proposal for creative transformation of public space. It focuses on all kinds of different sports that could be perfectly played on the street with a little help from the artist. This is the basketball version, but more is on the list. Creative Democracy is a collective conducting artistic studies and actions in public space. With a participatory approach they experiment with the city and its possibilities.