Benedetto Bufalino Turns Old Car Into a Mobile Friterie

As long as he keeps on changing the use and image of objects that can be found around the streets, we will keep on sharing his work. And Benedetto Bufalino has done it one more time. The object of conversion is a Fiat Coupé which has been cut horizontally and turned into a friterie.

Bufalino’s magic usually starts by changing the function of totally normal objects we see in public space every day. An example is the concrete mixer turned into a disco ball, creating a great party light effect in the middle of the street. Among our favorite examples of his work are the ones which fight obsolescence, like the telephone booth that became mobile or the one which became an aquarium.

La Voiture Fiat Coupé Friterie is a collaboration with the team from creative lab La Condition Publique. Together with Bufalino they’ve created a point of attraction which invites people to observe the transformation of the object and to enjoy some notorious French fries.