Peer-To-Peer Renting With RentWant

Using is the new owning, and the key to a more sustainable economy. Why would you buy yourself a chainsaw if you need it once a year? Borrow it, rent it. Live a light-weight life. Several recently launched online initiatives mark this focus shift, for instance Share Some Sugar and RentWant. Creating a peer-to-peer location-based marketplace, RentWant offers users the opportunity to make extra money by renting things they don’t use all the time to people around them.

“RentWant connects items to people who want them, where they want them. With RentWant you can rent a frisbee at the local park, or your surfboard at the beach. Use RentWant to rent stuff you own, to people around you. RentWant connects people locally and encourages sharing rather than buying.”

Listings are found via the website and a special web app developed for mobile browsers. The service is easy to use. Fill in the object you want to rent as well as the rent price per hour, upload a picture, and determine the location where the item can be picked up. RentWant reminds of a service such as BlockChalk (†), but focuses on a specific service instead of BlockChalk, which was more of a general platform which could be used for about everything. This aspect could become its biggest advantage for a succesful future.