Online Shopping Gets Real For One Week In East London

Online fashion retailer Roktic has opened one of the heaviest short-term pop-up stores I’ve ever heard of. For only one week Roktic will land at the East Gallery at London’s fashionable Brick Lane.

While most old-style brands suffer to find themselves a solid online position, new companies walk the other direction. More Internet-based concepts are looking for a place in the real world. Two different and highly separated realms seem to emerge next to each other. At least that’s what this world was about for years. You’re an online or an offline brand, and the new iron curtain between those two worlds was getting higher and higher. Only some of us reached the status to be part of both worlds. Two developments co-exist at the same time to break that immense wall: ‘real becomes digital and digital becomes real’. Interesting in that perspective is the emergence of the ‘real online shops’. Roktic is such an online retailer opening a temporary shop in East London this week.

From September 14-20, Roktic will be showcasing their AW09 collections within a custom designed, pop-up shop in East London. Roktic was founded earlier this year with the idea of challenging high street men’s clothing stores who churn out mass-produced t-shirts and hoodies. The store is mostly about limited edition and original designs, and works with the likes of Sixpack France, Oh-Death, Young Lovers and a host of other credible independent street-wear designers across Europe and Australia. Further to this, there will be specially commissioned art pieces available to buy from The Krah, RYCA, Rugman, Adam Hemuss and Static, as well as daily giveaways.