Onedayshop: Flex To The Max In Retail

A brand new and ultimately flexible shopping initiative has opened its doors in Amsterdam. Onedayshop is a fully accommodated shop that changes concept, products and brand every day. The new concept enables its clients (retailers) to occupy an empty but accommodated retail space in a popular shopping street in Amsterdam and disappear after one, two or three days. The Onedayshop focuses on upcoming design talent that wants to sell its products to a new group of customers.

For customers this initiative is great to test a brand’s products and to find out whether it would be a good idea to rent a shop on their own. Like with exhibitions, the opening party is the best moment to sell creative products, as the artist’s own network is present at that moment. Here I see changes for the Onedayshop as well, as a place building upon a chain of opening parties all year long. At least, the creative entrepreneurs that rent the shop create a moment for necessary exposure.

The Onedayshop in the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam has a neat and clean interior with all elements a flexible retailer could possibly need, like show tables, cupboards, fitting rooms, flag holders, as well as Wi-Fi, a pay desk and an iPhone docking station for music. Every new shop owner can install his/her own brand-related promotion material easily. Renting the Onedayshop costs 330 euros for one day, and 500 euros for two consecutive days.

Retailers increasingly start to set up shopping concepts in which the costs of shopping space is divided among many. We called it ‘social selling’ before, comparable to ‘social buying’ concepts like Groupon. The Onedayshop concept on itself attracts visitors and potential clients that each individual designer would have never had. Here the role of platforms like Facebook is a great catalyzer, as retailers don’t necessarily build upon a local group of regular customers, but more and more on a broad group of interested acquaintances and Facebook fans. Let’s see if this becomes an new trend in retail…